FINAL DAY: Call for Abstracts, TYC Conference



From the Thirty Years’ Crisis to Multipolarity: the Geopolitical Economy of the 21st Century World

University of Manitoba  September 25 to 27, 2015GEOPOLITICALECONCALL

Confirmed Keynote and Plenary Speakers
Johanna Brenner, Portland State University, Portland, USA
Boris Kagarlitsky, Director of The Institute for Globalization and Social Movements, Moscow
Prabhat Patnaik, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India
Kari Polanyi Levitt, Polanyi Institute, Montréal, Canada
Paulo Drinot, University College London, Institute of the Americas

The centenary of the outbreak of the First World War was marked in Canada and around the world in 2014. 2014  also  marked  the  centenary  of  the  opening  of what noted historian, Arno Mayer, called the ‘Thirty Years’ Crisis’ of 1914-1945, spanning the First World War,  the  Great  Depression  and  the  Second  World War. This long crisis birthed a new world. The old world of the  nineteenth  century  expansion  of  the  empires  of industrial capitalist countries, often mistakenly termed ‘liberal’, met its end. It gave way to an inter-national one populated by a variety of welfare, Communist and developmental  orders  in  national  economies  whose states had, moreover, greater legitimacy among newly enfranchised  women  and  men  than  the  imperial  and colonial regimes they replaced.

The  Thirty  Years  crisis  also  radically  redistributed economic, political, military and cultural power within countries  and  among  them.  Critical  cultural  and intellectual  changes  –  new  movements  in  art,  new media,  and  new  paradigms  of  understanding, particularly  in  economics,  inevitably  accompanied
these historic shifts. As we stand at the cusp of another wave of complex changes  to  the  world  order,  this time  towards  multi-polarity, our conference aims to understand the major changes  of  the  past  century  better  than  hitherto dominant paradigms, such as neo-classical economics, globalization  and  empire,  have  so  far  done  and  to bring  that  re-assessment  to  bear  on  how  best  to understand  problems  of  and  prospects  for  the  world  order of the 21st century.

We invite submissions for papers, panels and steams of  panels  relevant  to  any  aspect  of  the  overarching conference theme from scholars across the humanities, social sciences and in inter-disciplinary studies based  in  Canada  and  around  the  world.  Heterodox  and critical  scholarship  is  particularly  encouraged.  Full
information including a list of proposed topics can be found at  The conference will inaugurate the Geopolitical Economy Research Group at the University of Manitoba.

  • A limited number of bursaries for partial support for travel and accommodation are available.
  • Application procedures for these bursaries will be communicated along with the acceptance of abstracts.
  • All  submitted  papers  will  be  considered  for inclusion  in  thematic,  peer  reviewed  volumes emerging from the conference.

Abstracts  should  be  300  to  400  words,  in  English. They should be single spaced and use 12 point Times New Roman font. They should include the authors or authors’ full name, affiliation, a brief biography, and email  address.  Panel  proposals  should  be  submitted including  abstracts  and  biographies  for  each

We  ask  abstracts  be  sent  to  by  the  new  due  date June 26, 2015. Acceptances will be conveyed by July. Full paper submission by August 15, 2015.GEOPOLITICALECONLOGO

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