OMAFRA RIBS-to-Go E-Bulletin (November 2015)

Below is the first issue of OMAFRA’s RIBS-to-GO E-bulletin. RIBS (Research and Innovation Bulletin Stories)-to-Go is an electronic news bulletin promoting awareness of Ontario agri-food research and innovation projects, stories, successes and more.
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Voici le premier numéro du bulletin électronique du MAAARO AGRI sur le pouce. AGRI sur le pouce (pour AGriculture – Recherche et Innovation) est un bulletin de nouvelles électronique qui présente des projets, des récits, des réussites et plus encore dans le domaine de la recherche et de l’innovation agroalimentaires en Ontario.
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Partners in the Newspartner
OMAFRA’s investments in research and innovation make an impact.                                    
Click each title below for more on our partners’ successes.
  1. Thirsty for maple sweet water: Bioenterprise and OAFT help to tap Ontario’s sap 
  2. Precision agriculture: Bioenterprise and its clients featured as exciting Canadian agri-tech companies working in the field of precision agriculture   
  3. Bioindustrial Canada completes economic assessment of commercialization of cellulosic sugar production in Canada 
  4. Biomass bedding for livestock creates market for miscanthus, switchgrass producers 
  5. Gryphon’s LAAIR funding leads to first ever Ontario liquid brewer’s yeast 
  6. New Livestock Research and Innovation Centre part of $10 million research project focused on dairy cattle feed efficiency and reduction of greenhouse gases 
  7. Ontario invests in new world-class dairy research facility in Elora 
  8. On the path to commercialization: Vineland Research and Innovation Centre breeding new peach and nectarine varieties 
  9. Plantform’s tobacco-plant based biopharmaceuticals demonstrate efficacy in neutralizing Sudan strain of Ebola 
  10. Plant propagation made cheaper and quicker 
  11. UofG developed protocol to help Ontario food processors adjust to new regulations for fermented sausage products 
  12. Smart packaging to the rescue: new technology to enhance food safety, reduce food waste 
  13. Soy 20/20 achieves a milestone as Health Canada approves food health claim for soy products 
  14. Vineland Research and Innovation Centre extending harvest season for Ontario’s fresh grape industry till December 
  15. Weather alert system helps Ontario’s tender fruit farmers mitigate winter damage 
Funding Opportunities  funding
2015-16 OMAFRA – UofG Partnership Research Program: Call for Letters of Intent               

The OMAFRA – UofG Partnership Research Program is issuing a call for Letters of Intent (LOIs)  to address identified priorities in the following seven research themes within the Research Program:
  • Agricultural and Rural Policy
  • Bioeconomy – Industrial Uses
  • Emergency Management
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Food for Health
  • Products and Value Chains
  • Production Systems – Animals and Plants
Details of the priorities provided by OMAFRA for this call are included in the 2015-16 OMAFRA Research Priorities document. Visit the OMAFRA – UofG Partnership homepage for more information about the call for LOIs (e.g. eligibility, how to apply, deadlines).

2015-16 OMAFRA – UofG Partnership Knowledge Translation and Transfer (KTT) Program: Call for Letters of Intent 
The OMAFRA – UofG Partnership is issuing a call for Letters of Intent (LOIs) that address one of seven OMAFRA research priorities (similar to above OMAFRA – UofG Partnership Research Program) and align with the objectives of the call:
  • advance the synthesis, exchange, and application of knowledge resulting from agri-food and rural research;
  • advance the understanding of effective KTT activities, best practices, and implementation methods through research and evaluation;
  • increase the level of evaluation of KTT methods and activities in order to measure the impact and success of the stakeholder engagement continuum.
Visit the 2015-16 KTT funding call page for more information about the call for LOIs (e.g. eligibility, how to apply, deadlines).
Events and Resources  eventsresources
Click each title below for more details.                                                                                       
  1. Canadian Agri-Food Future 2015 Conference 
  2. Community Food Hub Evaluation Guide 
  3. Eastern Apiculture Society Conference (post event resources)
  4. International Barcode of Life Conference (post event resources)
  5. International Symposium on Bioplastics, Biocomposites and Biorefining 
  6. On-Farm animal/dairy comfort assessment tool  
  7. Ontario-European Forum focused on agri-food trade and investment 
  8. OMAFRA Dateline: online resource for use by interested individuals and organizations across Ontario. Events posted here are aimed at sharing information of interest to agriculture and regional economic development clients. 
OMAFRA – U of G Research ProjectsUofG-Research
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RIBS-(Research and Innovation Bulletin Stories)-to-Go is an electronic news bulletin (e-bulletin) promoting awareness of Ontario agri-food research and innovation projects, stories, successes and more.


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