Papers: The Arkleton Centre for Rural Development

The following papers are from Keith Hart, Pretoria University, Human Ecology, Faculty Member:

Title: The Arkleton Centre for Rural Development Research
This report is based on the prior publication of the four national reports (Persson and Ceccato, 2001; Efstratoglou, Papadopoulos, Efstratoglou and Kouroussi, 2001; Schrader, Koch, Hachmoller and Masurek, 2001; Bryden, Timm, Courtney and Atterton, 2001).
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Title: Land reform, planning and people: an issue of stewardship
This paper examines the recent policy shift from state regulation to community participation as the framework for greater local decision-making. The authors do this by looking through the lens of land reform in Scotland; and in particular the issue of stewardship–a concept which appears to have won wide acceptance by most sides in the land reform debate.
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Title: International Geographical Union – Study group on Local Development Annual Conference, Trento, Italy, 19th-21st October, 2000. The Institutions of Local development, The Role of Institutions in Differential Economic Performance: A Case Study of Caithness and the Orkley Islands, Scotland.
The research team arrived at the question of differential economic performance in the 1990s for several distinct, but mutually reinforcing, reasons. One reason was the clear conclusion that emerged from the EU research programme on structural change and household pluriactivity in farming between 1986 and 1992.
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Title: RICS Research Foundation Rural Research Conference
As rural policy evolves in response to the changing demands placed on rural areas by society, technological development and the market economy, it is becoming increasingly important that we understand the underlying processes that generate regional and local economic disparities. This paper reports on a current European research project on the Dynamics of Rural Areas (DORA) that is investigating the phenomenon of differential economic performance in a comparative and interdisciplinary way.
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Title: Differential Economic Performance in Rural Areas
The paper starts with an account of the background to a current European research project on the dynamics of rural areas (DORA) which is investigating the phenomenon of differential economic performance in an comparative and interdisciplinary way. It then proceeds to outline the research model and the factors which it is addressing. In so doing it summarises the main conceptual, theoretical, and empirical underpinnings of the research, and in this way outlines our ideas on possible new explanations for such differences in economic performance.
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The following paper is from Joaquin Fernandez Abara, Universidad Finis Terrae, Centro de Investigación y Documentación en Chile Contemporáneo, Faculty Member:

Title: “Guerra, militarización y caudillismo en el norte chileno: el caso de Copiapó en la Guerra Civil de 1859”
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