(Symposium) Work in Agriculture

The International Symposium on work in agriculture 2016

Complex realities and transformations in work in a diversity of farming models

8 – 11 November 2016 Maringá State University (Paraná, Brazil)

A diversity of perspectives on work in agriculture is welcomed, particularly researchers who explore the changes in farming work, who take into account the diversity and dynamics of the forms of work organization in different farming models, who reflect on the future of the work of men and women, family workers and paid workers.

Deadline for submitting abstract is 15 February 2016.

Workshops include:

  • Employment policies and farm income support
  • The dynamics of farming work in the territories in a situation of global change
  • Women and work in farming
  • Transformations in work organizations in the farms
  • Health at work
  • Transformations in professional identities and in the image of farming occupations
  • Advice and training in the work
  • Innovations (technological, social, market) and farming work

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