(Job Opportunity) Post Doc

International Center for Biosaline Agriculture (ICBA)
Position: Post Doc
Location: Dubai
Pay: $45,000 USD
ICBA has an opportunity to hire a post doc to start in September 2016 at the latest. The position will be based in Dubai with field work in Morocco and Ethiopia (so far). There is housing on site.
  • benefit/cost analysis
  • welfare analysis
  • conducting field surveys
  • possibly contingent valuation work
  • strong writing skills
  • some interest in/knowledge of international development

Contracts run 12 months, and are renewable for a second year if there is work and the person is capable. ICBA would also be happy to find someone who has done interesting work on gender in agriculture.

ICBA staff have a tendency to think about economics as far as the benefit cost analysis but would love to work with someone with some different skill sets to conduct broader analyses and show ICBA what they can get out of an economics program.  
Please contact
Dr. Susan Robertson

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