Governance Blog: June 2016 Featured Team Member

This month’s featured Governance Team member is Francesca Regoli, a faculty member in the Department of Management (DISA) at University of Bologna.
What is your current research?
My research interests refer to life cycle project management, with focus on EU programmes (i.e. Horizon 2020, Erasmus Plus) agricultural and rural areas transformation and policies; rural tourism, enhancement of local resources, territorial capital management. I have a research experience on those topics focused on South Eastern Europe as well.
Why did you choose to study rural issues? (Why is rural important to you?)
The preservation and enhancement of rural areas is a relevant aspect for our everyday life, even if we often underestimate it.
What are you interested in working on in the future?
Implementation of research and networking projects on rural issues with focus on rural tourism as a tool to enhance rural areas.
What do you see as the value of the RPLC?
Networking and collaboration opportunities with European and American partners.
An occasion to enlarge my background through comparative approaches coming from different areas and methodologies of work.

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