SHAPE-ENERGY: Social sciences and Humanities for Advancing Policy in European ENERGY
This €2m EU Horizon 2020 project will be the European platform for energy-related social sciences and humanities (energy-SSH). SHAPE-ENERGY will run from early 2017 for two years. It will be led by the Global Sustainability Institute at Anglia Ruskin University (Cambridge, UK), and will include 12 other partners from across Europe.
SHAPE-ENERGY aims to develop Europe’s expertise in using and applying energy-SSH. The Platform will co-ordinate an exciting array of activities, including: multi-stakeholder workshops in partnership with European local authorities; MEP-focused workshops in Brussels; conferences; Horizon 2020 sandpits; early career researcher summer schools and secondments to Horizon 2020 energy projects; funding for collaborative think pieces; funding for an innovative ‘research design challenge’; and online policymaker-citizen debates. SHAPE-ENERGY will also undertake an extensive review of the current state of the energy-SSH research landscape, and attempt to bring European energy researchers/practitioners together around a commonly agreed framework for future interdisciplinary energy-related endeavours. SHAPE-ENERGY will ultimately provide the European Commission with recommendations for the future direction of the energy work programme in Horizon 2020 and beyond.
SHAPE-ENERGY will work across social sciences and humanities, including energy-related research (both current and potential) within: Business, Communication Studies, Demography, Development, Economics, Environmental Social Science, Education, Gender, History, Human Geography, Law, Philosophy, Planning, Politics, Psychology, Science and Technology Studies, Sociology, Social Anthropology, Social Policy, and Theology.
Job opportunities
In addition to other forthcoming opportunities, there are two main opportunities that we are keen to advertise now:
SHAPE-ENERGY Project Manager (£32,004 – £37,075 p.a.)
Full-time position for two years, based at the Global Sustainability Institute. Experience of large (European) and/or energy-related projects is preferable. Start date of 1 Feb. More information can be found here.
SHAPE-ENERGY Research Assistant (£25,023 – £29,847 p.a.)
Full-time position for three months (also available on part-time hours over a longer period, e.g. six months), based at the Global Sustainability Institute. The position has been purposively designed so that its timing and duration is flexible, thereby allowing a PhD researcher to do it alongside their writing-up. The (PhD) researcher would need to have experience of energy-SSH research. This will be advertised in the coming months (likely start date of Feb./Mar., if part-time), but potentially interested candidates are welcome to get in touch now.
Finding out more
For further information, please contact Dr Chris Foulds ( or Dr Rosie Robison (

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