Book Release: International Migration

The RPLC’s very own Philomena de Lima has just released her latest book!
de Lima, P. (2016) International Migration: the well-being of migrantsDunedin Press:
Migration  is a widely debated issue. Events in Africa and the Arab world have led to migration to the European Union on an unprecedented scale and pushed the subject to the top of the political agenda. Globalization, demographic trends and changing geopolitics provide a backdrop to the current discourses and policies on migration. Humanitarian impulses conflict with public concerns and discourses about the ‘welfare burden’ of migrants on host societies. The book provides a contemporary understanding of migrants and migration processes and trends with a particular focus on the well-being of migrants.
The book aims to provide an informative overview of international migration issues/debates to social science students, policy-makers and those wrestling on a practical level with the implications of migration.

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