Putting the Unity in Community

By: Kay Robinson
A chronic deprivation of power and resources occurs when a person is phoneless and disconnected from society. The current system requires you to phone, fax, email or google a website for advancement of any kind. Without a phone, access to employment, training, health care and housing is denied.
The City of Prince George has found a solution to the disconnection problem that has been depriving people for so long. They have launched a program called the Community Voice Mail. This program allows people to regain their power to make positive changes in their lives by connecting to services that have a shared value in reducing poverty.
The Community Voice Mail program provides free voice mail phone numbers to people without a phone. Removing the stigma, participants personalize their voice mail by using their own voice to tell service providers to “leave a message”. 25 community service providers are all connected to this program, by distributing the free voice mail numbers, ensuring that they will never lose contact with their clients.
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