Call for Proposals – RPLC Networks

The Rural Policy Learning Commons has just begun its fourth year! Over the past three years, the work we have collectively achieved is tremendous: new connections, new research activities, student engagement and capacity building opportunities, and knowledge shared throughout the world. We are excited to build further on such solid foundations. Over the past year, the RPLC Steering Committee took the opportunity to reflect on our organization, our activities, and our approaches. To continue the momentum developed in the first three years and expand our ability to make impactful contributions RPLC is letting you know we will be revising our structure.
Since the beginning of the initiative, RPLC structured teams around five thematic areas. Moving forward, RPLC will adopt a network approach to facilitate additional topics, to leverage opportunities, to encourage members to lead initiatives, and to enhance our impacts. Networks are envisioned as more flexible, project/interest based groups that can access RPLC funding for well-defined projects and initiatives. The networks are not necessarily envisioned as permanent structures, but rather as a nimble and efficient way to accomplish particular goals.
The call for new networks is open now (see link below). The current thematic teams are invited to transition to the network approach. These networks could relate to any comparative rural policy topic. The closing date for submitting applications is August 31, 2017.  Outcomes will be notified by email by September 30, 2017.
Network proposal form:
Fillable PDF: RPLC Network Proposal 2017-2018
Word Doc.: RPLC Network Proposal 2017-2018
We will also be sharing new ways for people to be engaged in RPLC and its networks and revisions to our website. We are excited about the next four years and what we can collectively achieve. There may be a few hiccups in the upcoming transition, but the end result will allow us to enhance our effectiveness, efficiency, and impacts.
For more details on reframing the RPLC network for the final four years, please review document:  Reframing RPLC Networks and their Operation (2017 06 13)
RPLC Steering Committee
Bill Ashton, Philomena de Lima, Fabio de Menna, Bojan Furst, Ryan Gibson, Kathleen Kevany, Phil Loring, Terri MacDonald, Sean Markey, Francesca Regoli, Brent Steel, Matteo Vittuari, Mark Watson
[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”RPLC Network Proposal 2017-2018 v5″]

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