Book Chapter – Rural Policy in Canada

Bollman, R. D., & Ashton, B. (2018). Rural Policy in Canada. In Handbook of International Food and Agricultural Policies (Vols. 1–3, pp. 149–180). World Scientific.
The following sections are included: Introduction – What Is Rural?  – What Is Rural Policy?  – What Is Rural Canada — Past and Present?  – Rural Development  – Is Getting Harder Integral Components of Contemporary Rural Policy in Canada  – Indigenous Peoples in Rural Canada  – Narrow and Broad Rural Policy  – Three Approaches to Rural Policy – One Approach: Delivering Programs to Rural Areas  – A Second Approach: A Champion Inside Government Implementing a Rural Lens  – Third Approach: Governance for Regional Economic Development Initiatives Within Functional Economic Areas  – Governance Mechanisms to Deliver Services  – Governance Mechanisms for Regional Economic Development  – Conclusion  – References

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