RPLC Announces Additions to Executive Council

The RPLC is pleased to announce the addition of two new members to the RPLC Executive Council. Both Francesca Regoli and Matteo Vittuari work at the University of Bologna in Italy.  Their addition to the Executive Council not only brings a wealth of expertise in rural research but also strengthens the RPLC’s international relationships to help inform the development of comparative rural policy.
Francesca Regoli works at the Department of Management of the University of Bologna as research officer/project manager (from October 2012). She has almost 20 years’ experience in international projects and networks with a specialization in project management and in rural development policies with a particular focus on South Eastern Europe: agricultural and rural areas transformation; rural tourism, enhancement of local resources and territorial capital.  She earned a PhD in International Cooperation and Sustainable Development Policies with a thesis on rural tourism as a tool to enhance rural areas from  the University of Bologna – Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences, where she worked (2008-2012) with prof. Matteo Vittuari in the same research group.
Francesca is involved in RPLC network since the beginning of the project, in particular for the theme teams/networks on Governance and Natural resources. From 2015 she is co-leading the RPLC Research and Exchange Service. She has also been involved in the ICRPS Network (International Comparative Rural Policy Studies) as well since 2010 (in Oregon) as Ph.D student of the Summer Institute and then as one of the faculty members from the University of Bologna.
Matteo Vittuari is an Associate Professor in the Agricultural and Food Policy and Agricultural Policy Evaluation at the Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences at the University of Bologna. He worked as international consultant for the evaluation of EU and FAO funded projects in Europe and Central Asia.
The main fields of his expertise include: food economics and policy; rural economics and policy; bioenergy economics and policy; energy system analysis; agricultural and rural policy evaluation; life cycle assessment. He has published over 70 scientific articles and reports. Matteo is currently coordinating the behavioural economics Work Package within the Horizon2020 REFRESH. He also coordinated the policy Work Package within the FP7 FUSIONS.
Until spring 2017 within RPLC, Matteo served as lead of the RPLC Publication Team and as member of the RPLC Steering Committee. From April 2018, he will continue the work of Kathleen Kevany as lead of the RPLC Governance Network. He is member of ICRPS (International Comparative Rural Policy Studies) and he is contributing to the activities of the network since 2007.
For more information on the RPLC Executive Council, please visit the “About” tab on our website or contact, Wayne Kelly, RPLC Project Coordinator, kellyw@brandonu.ca

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