Upcoming Webinar-Mapping Historic Sites In Rural Manitoba: Development, Themes, And Applications

Wednesday November 21, 2018 @ 12:00pm CST


This webinar will describe an eight-year project of the Manitoba Historical Society to develop a comprehensive  online  inventory  of  historic  sites  around  the  province.  Using  Global  Positioning System (GPS) data, field photography including aerial imagery taken with drones, and archival research,  we  will  show  how  abandoned  places  reveal  the  ways  in  which  rural  Manitoba  has changed   through   the   20th    century,   in   terms   of   depopulation,   agricultural   mechanization, development   of   telecommunication   and   electrical   infrastructure,   changes   in   construction methods,  evolution  of  the  education  system,  changing  attitudes  to  organized  religion  and Institutions,  and  home-front  involvement  in  wartime.  Possible  applications  of  this  inventory  for heritage  conservation,  promotion  of  tourism,  and  education,  as  well  as  implications  for  rural planning and policy development, will be discussed.


Dr.  Gordon  Goldsborough  is  an  active  member  of  the  Manitoba  Historical Society, being Head Researcher, Webmaster, and an Editor of Manitoba History magazine.  He  has  written  four  books  on  Manitoba  history  and  has  mapped thousands of historic sites around the province. He is presently doing a weekly series on CBC Radio 1 entitled “Abandoned Manitoba.”
Gordon Goldsborough has released his new book, More Abandoned Manitoba: Rivers,  Rails,  and  Ruins.  The  work  framework  the  thousands  of  historically important sites that spot the provinces landscape.
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