Rural Development Conference 2019- Announcement

We are delighted to invite you to participate already in the 9th International Scientific Conference ‘Rural Development 2019: Research and Innovation for Bioeconomy‘. It has already become a biannual tradition to meet colleagues from all over the world here. In addition, we are pleased that this event has become a common area for international scientific interdisciplinary discussion on issues of rural development and innovations.
 It is a pleasure for us to welcome you at Vytautas Magnus University Agriculture Academy, which is developing due to the challenges of smart, sustainable growth and bioeconomy. The University is becoming more and more advanced in the field of science and more open to society for cooperation and sharing knowledge.
It does not take neither centuries, nor decades for the world to change as the constant transformation is observed every day, every minute and every second. These changes are common to all areas, including science. In order to be ahead of change and to be the driving force, we must change ourselves.
Aleksandras Stulginskis University, after the merger of three universities, has become part of Vytautas Magnus University (VMU) as Agriculture Academy since the beginning of this year. We have become a part of the University of broadest coverage in the country, and this will undoubtedly open up wider areas of activity for our researchers and students, create more added value for our graduates’ employers and partners as well as for you.
Not only do we maintain our core mission of creating and disseminating knowledge and preparing specialists for the country’s agribusiness sector, continue our science and study programs, activities of partnerships, patrons, exhibitions, projects and commitments, but we also rise to a higher quality level. VMU with its 12 thousand students being the largest university in Kaunas has an ambition and a realistic plan within five years to become the most competitive and attractive higher education institution in Lithuania, and in some areas even to take up the leading positions in Europe.
Our scientists will be able to build strong interdisciplinary teams, both through research and by creating innovations in a wide range of fields. In addition to traditional areas, we will strive for breakthrough in the areas such as bioeconomy development, biotechnology, digital technologies, artificial intelligence, and climate change challenges.
 The Mission of University reveals our main aspiration: to develop and disseminate scientific knowledge and sincerely strive for safe and healthy food as well as full-fledged living environment for all citizens of Lithuania.
Considering the global changes and innovations, we are able to do more “step by step” by sharing innovative ideas, experiences and results of our research.
 The existing and rising challenges of bioeconomy are going to be discussed in different Conference sections:

  • Agro-innovations and Food Technologies;
  • Biosystems Engineering and Environment Integrity;
  • Multifunctional Approach for Sustainable Use of Bio-Resources;
  • Social Research and Innovation in Bioeconomy for Sustainable Transformation and Wellbeing in Rural Areas.

Together we can create synergy by encouraging broad participation from different sectors of the society: the scientists, practitioners, policy makers, private sector actors, NGOs, even young researchers and students. All the participants will be awarded the possibility to express their attitudes towards the scientific issues related to rural development, especially in the focus of bioeconomy challenges.
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