Upcoming Webinar: Governance in Rural Contexts: Concepts & Challenges​ Wednesday April 10th, 2019 @ 10:00am CST​

Join Dr. Brendan O’Keeffe, Dr. Francisco Navarro & David J.A. Douglas on this webinar


Governance is a particularly promising but challenging way to help rural communities acquire agency – to get things done. And the conceptualization of governance as a collaborative undertaking, selectively involving government, was largely initiated and refined outside of rural contexts. But the realities of rural contexts involving significant distance (in every sense, from markets to political power), and lower densities (again, in every sense, from population to institutions) means that governance has to be critically examined and prudently applied to rural community development.

This webinar will critically re-visit the basic thesis of governance, highlight some of the salient characteristics of rurality that will impinge upon its application to rural contexts and development priorities, suggest a conceptual framework for rural governance, provide a number of case studies of rural governance experiences (Ireland and Spain), and encourage discussion, sharing and critical reflection on this topic. The webinar will address policy challenges at all levels (e.g. national, regional and local) and the need to ensure the best “fit” to facilitate endogenous process. 

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