Sustainable Governance for Non-Profit Organizations in Rural Canada

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Over the last few months, exciting progress has made with the Evaluating Sustainable Governance for Non-Profit Organizations in Rural Canada – a study funded by the Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation (CRRF), and the Mitacs Accelerate Program, in partnership with the University of Guelph. A deep dive into non-profit literature, causal discussions with sector champions and case study analysis has yielded an overarching theme of financial sustainability, with three sub-themes. The three sub-themes include investing for the future: endowment funds, social enterprise: fee for service, and membership and recruitment: core funding. Case studies from rural non-profit organizations across Canada will provide narratives of the sub-themes, and illustrate lessons learned. The analysis will aid in the understanding of financial sustainability strategies as well as recommendations, potential implications for CRRF, and more generally, the non-profit sector in rural Canada. 
Many thanks to those that sent suggestions regarding potential non-profit case studies. The research team received responses from across Canada; your time and input are much appreciated. In addition, if readers would like to recommend or highlight innovative non-profit financial sustainability strategies, please contact Katie at

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