Why should rural communities teach their kids to code?

Futures of Rural Series

By Wayne Kelly

In today’s society, digital skills are a must-have. Through my research in rural communities, it’s clear that skills which match the reality and needs of the 21st-century are an absolute necessity at work and home. In the future, the need for digital skills will only increase. In the workforce, necessary digital skills range from using email and word processing software to meeting schedulers and video call apps. More advanced digital skills include data visualization, media production and programming.

21st-century digital skills are also required outside of the workplace as well to participate in regular communication and entertainment activities these days. Understanding the nuances and etiquette of social media is needed to talk with friends, family and co-workers appropriately. From the entertainment perspective, streaming videos, watching YouTube, sharing snaps — all of these require a basic level of competence and understanding in digital technologies.

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