Bill Ashton

Bill Ashton
Director, Rural Development Institute
Brandon University, 270-18th Street, Brandon, MB
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  • Board Member, Westman Community Futures
  • Member, Manitoba Minister’s Immigration Council
  • National. Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation task force to make public publications from the closure of Mount Allison University’s Rural and Small Town Program. 2011.
  • Ashton, W., Needham, T., and Jaeger, D. Nov 23, 2007. Inspiring natural resource managers: Making learning real. Integrated Forest Management Lab, UNB, Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Management. Fredericton, NB.
  • College of Extended Learning, Program Director, University of New Brunswick, 1999-2004.
  • 2002 NB Dept. of Natural Resources and Energy. Aboriginal Awareness course for public service managers. College of Extended Learning, UNB. Project lead.
  • Research director in a university-based centre, Mount Allison University, 1990-1996

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  • Director of the Rural Development Institute at Brandon University
  • Steering Committee member. 2011-present. Manitoba Planners Annual Conference.
  • From 2013-2015, Bill has been engaged in a number of research projects pertaining to rural immigration, agriculture, and rural innovation. A sample is listed below:
    • Agriculture Canada and MB MAFRD, Growing Forward 2. Rural innovation in Manitoba: reducing barriers to commercialization and a place-based approach.
    • 2015 Agricultural Greenhouse Gases Program and Upper Assiniboine Conservation District: Demonstration and investigation into agroforestry based livestock systems adoption.
    • Citizen and Immigration Canada and Immigration Research West (University of Manitoba). Gaps, barriers, and partnerships in three northern territories of Canada.
    • 2014 $8,750 University of Manitoba, Citizen and Immigration Project entitled “Organization for the 33 Community Consultations” Territories Extension
    • 2014 Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development for project entitled “Northern Milk Prices Review Proposal”
    • 2014 Canadian Youth Business Foundation, Teaching Entrepreneurial Skills in the Trades (Manitoba)

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  • Rural innovation, both in terms of social innovation and the commercialization of innovation
  • The capacity in rural areas for innovation and capacity-building
  • Rural immigration and trends in settlement and retention in welcoming communities
  • Research on regional economic development and functional economic rural regions
  • Policy formation, governance, and community-based development

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Human Capital and Migration

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