Book- July

Integration of LCC and LCA results to higher system levels: The German meat and EU tomato cases

By: Grainger, M., Piras, S., Righi, S., Setti, M., Stewart, G., & Vittuari, M.

Food production and consumption are two essential anthropogenic activities with significant impacts on resource use and environmental sustainability. Globally, it is estimated that greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (e.g., nitrous oxide) from agriculture represent 10% to 30% of the global total (Willett et al., 2019; Wood et al., 2019). Meanwhile, food loss and waste (FLW) occurring at each stage along the food supply chain has also become a worldwide concern in recent years and has been widely recognised as a barrier to global sustainability. Therefore, a better understanding of the whole food system’s efficiency is important to develop effective actions for mitigating associated environmental impacts. Read more>>