Fish and Food Security in Small-Scale Fisheries

By: Loring, P. A., Fazzino, D. V., Agapito, M., Chuenpagdee, R., Gannon, G., & Isaacs, M.

Fish, Bar, Auction, Fresh Fish, Fishery, Wolf

Fish is among the most eaten foods and traded commodities in the world, and small-scale fisheries provide food, jobs, and life satisfaction to billions of people worldwide. Yet, they are rarely recognized for these facts in global-level discussions about food systems and security. In this chapter, we argue that any discussion of food security, global or local, is incomplete if fisheries, and small-scale fisheries specifically, are not included. In this chapter, we discuss the many ways that small-scale fisheries contribute to local and global food security and to sustainable livelihoods in coastal communities. Read more>>