Good Ideas: Employers, Work and Refugees

Stockholm’s Entry Hub

 For refugees, the challenge of finding employment in a new city and culture can seem daunting. Employers can be equally challenged. Not knowing how to assess   refugee education, work   experience  and skills can mean missing out on talent and opportunity. In our digital age, connecting in-person can seem like a thing of the   past.  But for job-seeking refugees and employers in Sweden  it can be the key to their success  In part inspired by the Canadian approach to refugee integration, where   civil society actors help newcomers find work, We Link Sweden applied for a VINNOVA (Swedish Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation) innovation grant in 2015.

Kassel Refugee Day

In the regional district of Kassel (Germany), local leaders created a unique one day opportunity to give job seekers a chance to spend a day working for a local   employer.
District authorities had long understood that North Hessian employers were looking for motivated workers but struggling to fill jobs and apprenticeships.  Inspired by   Germany’s Girls and Boys Day, Kassel’s Department of Social Affairs created Refugees’ Day on the same model to give refugee jobseekers a special opportunity   to spend ‘one day’ working in a regional company. The path from refugee jobseeker to intern to fully-employed community member was swift.

Ankommen in Deutschlan 

In 2015, German cities were overwhelmed with the sudden influx of refugees. The Bertelsmann Stiftung foundation wondered how they could help. A future-focused   operational foundation, its programs range across a number of activities from education to employment to social cohesion. Focused on strengthening society’s ability   to help individuals reach their full potential, Bertelsmann Stiftung develops the resources needed to achieve those goals.
With the challenges posed to receiving cities and a lack of preexisting coordination and organization to address these challenges, Bertelsmann Stiftung recognized it   had a role to play and previous experience to leverage to support cities.

Business Case for Investing in Refugee Talent

 Businesses have a significant role to play in refugee integration. February 26: Join us for an in-depth discussion on refugee labour market integration, and learn about   programs that target immigrant and refugee recruitment, while creating workplace benefits for employers. Co-hosted with Hire Immigrants, the Immigrant Futures project   presents the first in a 3-part webinar series on “Investing in Refugee Talent: Lessons Learned in Labour Market Integration.”
Read the new report and best practices from Hire Immigrants.

Thought Leadership

Migration, the City and Universities

 Senator Ratna Omidvar joined Ryerson’s WC2 University Network Conference as a keynote speaker and panelist with John Ralston Saul and Haroon Siddiqui in a   conversation ranging from the role of universities in promoting migration to the the new political clout of immigrants: “The future of the world lies in cities,” says   Omidvar.

Pluralism, Populism and the Challenges of Integration

 Naika Foroutan, Humboldt University, examines right-wing populism in Europe with a particular focus on Germany, arguing that current trends towards the   rejection of     already negotiated, fought for norms and values of plural democracies pose a serious challenge to the possibilities of inclusive nationalism in   multicultural societies like   Germany and Canada.
The 2018 GDX Lecture is followed by a moderated discussion with Senator Ratna Omidvar.WATCH>>

Boundaries of Inclusion

 Irene Bloemraad on concepts of citizenship and rights and judgements of deservingness shape citizens’ support for immigration: CIFAR’s 2018 David Dodge   Lecturer challenges the premise of national values as “necessarily exclusionary.”


Thank You For Standing With Refugees 

 Since its launch in 2016, UNHCR’s #WithRefugees campaign has gathered petition signatures, initiatives, cities and coalition partner members to stand   #WithRefugees. This video shows the campaign’s incredible achievements in sharing positive stories about refugees.
Watch »


Metropolis: Doing Immigration Differently

 Registered? Metropolis Canada, Halifax, March 21-23, 2019, is Canada’s premiere annual forum for researchers, policy makers, and practitioners to get   together to share and exchange knowledge and experience. Don’t miss the opening night’s Canada Lecture & Visit to Pier 21.
 Learn more »

International Call for Papers

 International migration is at the top of the policy agenda for many countries. This year’s International Metropolis is hosted by Immigration, Refugees and   Citizenship Canada. Join delegates from around the world  to exchange research, best practices and forge new partnership on the 2019 theme, “The Promise   of Migration: Inclusion, Economic Growth and Global Cooperation”, Ottawa, June 24 – 28, 2019.

A Diagnostic Tool for Inclusive City Building

My City of Migration Diagnostic: How Inclusive is #MyCity?

Take the pulse of your city with MyCOM, the My City of Migration Diagnostic. The MyCOM Diagnostic is a new, easy to use tool designed to help you assess the quality of inclusion in your city: at work, at school, on election day, in health and as a new arrival. Build a custom profile of your city’s strengths and weaknesses across 10 dimensions of inclusion. Find out how your city measures up.

Toronto Case Study: Planning for Diversity and Inclusion

In our Building Inclusive Cities case study on Toronto, Dr. Zhixi Zhuang, Ryerson School of Regional and Urban Planning, describes the central role cities play in the processes of immigrant settlement and integration: “It has become imperative for municipalities to understand the dynamics and complexity of the global migration phenomenon and tackle the challenges and opportunities it presents locally.”

News You Can Use

Towards an EU Policy on Migration Data. Luxembourg: European Commission, Eurostat and Global Migration Data Analysis Centre, 2018

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Watch Planning Urban Resilience: Lessons from Toronto – Why do diversity, inclusion and resilience matter to cities? Learn how smart investments in the public realm can create safe, accessible and inclusive public spaces.