Futures of Rural


Report: Farmer 4.0: How the coming skills revolution can transform agriculture

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A fourth agricultural revolution is underway, and Canada needs to seize it. The Internet of Farming, powered by advanced technologies like autonomous tractors and drone-mounted sensors, is already transforming the way we produce food. But this new generation of agriculture will take a new generation of skills, too. Canada is poised to meet that challenge. No other country has as much land, water or market access — or the education system to develop farmers and food producers who can thrive in a hyper-connected, data-driven economy. And yet our share of global exports is falling and productivity of our farms stalling.Read more>>

Manitoba Economic Profiles

Economic profiles provide an overview of the economic landscape within a defined region. This information can help inform strategic economic development initiatives and evaluate the desirability of an area for investment opportunities. The data and analysis presented in these reports provide basic information about the economy of a region. Reports contain demographic, job and business data. Read more>>

Forestry Futures #7: Quesnel mayor Bob Simpson on how to transition

As sawmills across B.C. shut down or curtail operations, hundreds of people are losing their jobs and communities are losing the major source of their economic growth. This week on Daybreak we take a closer look at how we got here and what needs to change. Read more>>