Infrastructure in Rural Canada (Q&A)

Q: Who is responsible for infrastructure in Canada?
A:  The local, provincial, and federal level of governments share some degree of
responsibility. At the federal level, Infrastructure Canada is the primary ministry responsible for
infrastructure, including: investment and funding, engagement in partnerships, and the
development and implementation of policies. There are multiple ministries responsible for
federally owned infrastructure. At the provincial level there are ministries directly involved with
provincially owned infrastructure, as well as ministries responsible for local level programs and
funding, which differ from province to province. Both the federal and provincial levels play roles
in terms of the funding and regulation of infrastructure. At the local level, municipalities own and
maintain the majority the infrastructure in Canada. Within municipal or regional governments,
depending on their size, infrastructure can involve departments such as planning, engineering, and
public works.
Q: What is the cause of the infrastructure deficit in Canada?
A: Infrastructure age, institutional restructuring and policy change, lack of planning and asset management, financial issues, contextual challenges, and a growing disconnect (see page 16 &17).