Joining the RPLC

Joining the RPLC

Designing and implementing policy for rural and northern regions has long been a contentious issue, particularly since the challenges are variable and complex. The RPLC serves to enhance rural prosperity by:

  • Identifying and analyzing policy options relevant to rural and northern places.
  • Evaluating these options in the context of national and international policy innovations, and
  • Building leadership capacity among rural and northern researchers, policy-makers and practitioners.

Rural Themed Networks and Services (as indicated on the left) help develop policy deliverables useful to rural policy practitioners and community stakeholders through exchange expertise and experiences that cross disciplinary, organizational and sectoral lines. We encourage you to become an individual member and also for your institution/organization to engage with the RPLC.

How to Become a Member

Everyone with an interest in rural and northern issues is welcome to join the RPLC network. Our members include researchers, policy- makers, practitioners, students, business people, civil servants and citizens. The basic principle is that if someone makes a contribution, they get access to our resources. Our relationships vary from the very formal (e.g. co-applicants or collaborators according to SSHRC requirements) to very informal where people contribute as they can by exchanging information through our website, blog, social media, workshops, webinars, research profiles, templates, and resources. There definitely is a place for you in the RPLC.

Partner Institutions / Organizations

We are also looking to develop new partnerships with institutions and organizations. Our current RPLC partners include a variety of municipalities, businesses, NGO’s and media but mostly include university and colleges both nationally and internationally. Partnerships are typically manifested as MOUs with organizations affirming our mutual objectives, contributions and obligations in general terms and identify the commitments in terms of time, space, money, or other in-kind contributions. We encourage you to explore how the RPLC and your organization can work towards mutual goals.