Kelly Vodden

Associate Professor, Environmental Policy Institute
Memorial University, Grenfell Campus
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  • Fisheries and coastal management:
    • Using Local Knowledge to Manage Coastal Environments
    • Promoting Sustainable Coastal Management in Pisco, Peru
    • Community-University Research for Recovery Alliance (CURRA)
    • Fishing Policies And Island Community Development: Case Studies In Newfoundland And Labrador
    • Exploring Innovation In The Inshore Fishery In Newfoundland And Labrador
  • Climate change vulnerability and adaptation:
    • Enhancing the Capacity of Canadian Rural Communities to Adapt to Uncertain Futures
    • Climate Change Risk and Vulnerability Assessment Project
  • Drinking water and watershed management:
    • Developing A Community-Based Monitoring Program For Drinking Water Supplies In The Indian Bay Watershed
    • What Do The Residents Think? Exploring Resident Perceptions, Preferences, Behaviours And Consequences Related To Drinking Water In The Town Of Sunnyside, NL
    • Seeking Innovative Policy And Governance Solutions For Sustainable Drinking Water Systems In Rural And Small Town Newfoundland And Labrador
  • Regional governance and development:
    • Socio-economic Planning Processes: Beyond the Document
    • Regionalism as a Means to Positively Impact Economic Growth and Diversification on the Burin Peninsula
    • New Spaces, Ancient Places: Collaborative Governance and Sustainable Development in Canada’s Coastal Regions
    • Rural-Urban Interaction in Newfoundland and Labrador: Understanding and Managing Functional Regions
    • Developing Innovative Approaches For Community Engagement In The Grand Falls – Windsor – Baie Verte – Harbour Breton Region
    • Understanding Land Use Issues In The Grand Falls-Windsor – Baie Verte – Harbour Breton Region
    • The Analysis Of Municipal Readiness For Development Opportunities In The Communities Located On The Isthmus Of Avalon Region
    • Assessing Current Understandings Of The Impacts Of Large-Scale Industrial Development In West Labrador And Isthmus Regions
    • Understanding And Supporting Rural Innovation In The St. Anthony-Port Au Choix Rural Secretariat Region
    • Asset Mapping For Humber-Northern Peninsula-Southern Labrador Region
    • Community Based Learning Models
    • Network Weaving for Regional Development on the Great Northern Peninsula
    • Assessing The Factors Impacting The Sustainability Of The Clarenville-Bonavista Rural Secretariat Region

[toggle title=”Current Research & Activities”]

  • Canadian Regional Development: A Critical Review of Theory, Practice and Potentials
  • Mapping And Assessing Industry Clusters For Green Innovation
  • On The Move: Employment-Related Geographical Mobility In The Canadian Context

[toggle title=”Future Plans & Interests”]

  • Immediate future involves a focus on completing and advancing current research initiatives

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