Place Peripheral: Q&A

Place Peripheral: Place-Based Development in Rural, Island, and Remote Regions
Questions and Answers:
Q: How are notions of place operationalized in place-based development and what are the social and political ramifications of how place is defined and used?
A: There is an inherent tension in place construction through political-economic frameworks that conceptualize place as commodity. A place’s assets, often argued as one component of what makes a place unique, may be promoted by entrepreneurs and local economic development actors in an attempt to ensure a continuation of place with minimal personal, affective, or similar valorization. Increasing mobility of capital in recent decades has intensified efforts to sell a place. Not only can this pit one place against another, in altogether unsustainable modes of competition; such a strategy of trying to differentiate places as marketable entities ends up creating a kind of serial replication of homogeneity