Discussion: Community, Belonging, and Adversity

Canadians tie more of their identity to their country than their own communities, but are more bullish about the futures of their neighborhoods than the nation. This, according to an Angus Reid Institute public opinion survey conducted in partnership with Community Foundations Canada.

The Angus-Reid Institute has published summary information from a study of community belonging, available here.

Key Findings:

  • Canadians can be described as one of four distinct segments, or mindsets, when it comes to their local communities: the Happy Joiners, the Ambivalent Belongers, the Contented Non-Participants, and the Unhappy Urbanites
  • “Community” represents more than just a geographic space: according to the survey, Canadians also define community by their sense of belonging to groups of people with whom they share work, sports, religious and ethno-cultural commonalities
  • Canadian neighbourhoods and communities boast high levels of satisfaction when it comes to safety, protecting the environment, health and learning…

And more.
Join RPLC and Bill Reimer in discussion of the study’s results, implications, and outcomes in our forums (http://calepassmore.wpengine.com/forums/topic/rural-community-social-capital/). Let us know what you think!

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