(Proposals) Fourth Round of RFI Competitive Awards

The Rural Futures Institute is pleased to announce they are now accepting applications for the fourth round of RFI Competitive Awards. The ‘Requests for Proposals’ (RFPs) were released today! This is an opportunity to turn your research and teaching ideas into action that can have an impact on rural people and places.
There are two types of awards you can apply for:
1. Research & Engagement Submission deadline: March 15, 2016
The purpose of the RFI Research & Engagement Award is to foster the development of research and engagement work that addresses critical challenges and opportunities facing rural areas. These awards are to function as “seed grants” that are designed to lay the foundation for larger requests to funding sources external to the University of Nebraska.
2. Teaching & Engagement Submission deadline: March 1, 2016
The purpose of the RFI Teaching & Engagement Award is to foster the development of teaching and engagement work that establishes a tradition of faculty-led community engagement and service learning programming. The award program particularly encourages the development of civic engagement in both students and community partners and encourages college student involvement in providing services to meet the community’s needs.
You can find the timelines for both programs and the full RFPs on the RFI website. Proposal submission instructions are included in the RFPs.
As you develop your proposals, keep in mind the RFI is looking for BOLD, INNOVATIVE and TRANSDICIPLINARY project ideas. If you need assistance in identifying potential partners, let the RFI know and they will do whatever they can to help connect you with potential partners.
The RFI look forward to seeing your big ideas!

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