(Conference) Democratizing Food Governance

Democratizing Food Governance

Rome, Italy

Friday, October 14, 2016

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Themes of the Conference:

  • Sustainability, food security and new forms of governance
  • Emerging new forms of coordination among local food initiatives at different scales
  • Examples of networks and partnerships in the food economy: how they work; constraints and strengths; successes and failures.
  • The role of civil society, the State, the private sector and consumers in the new forms of governance
  • The role of the State in creating spaces for empowered and participative forms of governance in the food economy
  • New forms of regulation and new policies for the emerging regional and local-based food system
  • Institutional mechanisms striving for balance of power among actors in networks and partnerships.
  • The subsidiarity principle: its role and implementation in the governance of the emerging food systems.
  • The role of different forms of knowledge – local and expert – in the new forms of governance of local-based food economies
  • Access to data and information in the public domain
  • The voice of local actors in the new forms of governance
  • Modern supply chains and local food initiatives
  • Public food procurement, food banks and school lunch programs
  • Innovation and learning among actors at various scales
  • How to favour convergence toward the ‘common good’ in the food economy among different stake-holders
  • Creating new public policy space for re-shaping food planning agendas.

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