Ontario Trillium Foundation announces launch of “A Profile of Wellbeing”

The Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) released  “A Profile of Wellbeing” five detailed reports of community wellbeing for the NorthWestEast, and Central regions, and for the city of Toronto.
This is the second time the Ontario Trillium Foundation has commissioned the Canadian Index of Wellbeing to help answer the question, “How are we really doing?”
The CIW uses research to determine whether Canadians are making progress towards sustainable wellbeing in eight inter-connected domains, or categories – Health, Living Standards, Community Vitality, Environment, Leisure and Culture, Education, Time Use, and Democratic Engagement.
As a public agency, the Ontario Trillium Foundation wants to ensure they are directing resources to where there is the most need, so it can have the greatest impact. This includes taking an evidence-based approach, to demonstrate the value of investments.  Using an index like the Canadian Index of Wellbeing assists granting decisions that will make the biggest positive change to individuals and to communities.
Watch OTF’s CIW explainer video: How are we really doing?
RESOURCES: A Profile of Wellbeing in Ontario
The North Region
The West Region
The East Region
The Central Region
Backgrounder & Quick Facts
The Ontario Regional Reports contain information about crime rates, access to physicians, greenhouse gas emissions, stress rates, and commute times.
“The Ontario Trillium Foundation deserves credit for having the vision to recognize that using a framework like the CIW to monitor progress in key areas was important to incorporate as part of its vision. Having this data will accelerate the work the Foundation can do. It will bring OTF closer to addressing issues of concern to people at a more localized level,” said Bryan Smale, Director of the Canadian Index of Wellbeing at the University of Waterloo.
Being able to track how we are really doing in Ontario is the first step towards leaving a lasting effect on the public benefit sector.
Release Date: December 13, 2016

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