How rural school closures are ‘ripping the heart out of the community’

By Mark Gollom, CBC News
“People for Education has forcast 121 closures in Ontario, with the majority in rural areas”.
“It’s an issue that’s not exclusive to Ontario but a symptom of changing demographics. Provinces from coast to coast are dealing with the rural school closures, as the percentage of total population in Canadian urban centres continues to rise, while the proportion of those living in rural areas steadily declines.
In the case of South Lincoln, the District School Board of Niagara noted that low enrolment figures, and the impact that has in offering courses and extracurricular activities, factored into its decision. The plan is to close three schools in the area, starting with South Lincoln, and build another school that is centrally located.
While school closures are decided by local school boards, much of the ire is aimed at provincial governments, which are often accused of inadequate funding.”
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