Special Session to Participate:
Throughout the world, areas subjugated by extensive food producing systems, extensive open spaces by underdeveloped land and small lower-order settlements approximately cover 60 % of the of the world. Such rural ecosystems have witnessed spatial and temporal variations at various levels, caused by the processes of industrialization and urbanization, resulting in (under) development of the rural landscape. Observing, recording and unfolding these elements pose a challenge to the agriculturists, sociologists, geographers, economists, demographers, environmentalists and regional planners alike.
This session aims to bring together a diverse set of world wide researchers to culminate interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and through light on the spatio-temporal perspectives of rural sustainable agriculture systems, population, resource management and conservation, land use and planning, rural culture, food security, nutrition, rural epidemiology, rural food geographies, drinking water, rural forestry, recreation and tourism, infrastructure, landscape ecology, rural environment and health, remote sensing and GIS along with the rural landscape and  development dynamics.
Please submit papers in English based on research for the CAG 2019 (27-31 May 2019 at the University of Winnipeg). Expecting paper contributions to this themed session, including [but not limited to]:
Ø  Rural Agriculture systems
Ø  Rural Resource Management and conservation
Ø  Rural Land use and planning
Ø  Rural Culture
Ø  Rural Food Security
Ø  Rural Health and Nutrition
Ø  Rural Infrastructure
Ø  Rural Epidemiology
Ø  Rural Poverty, Deprivation and Welfare
Ø  Rural Governance and Politics
Ø  Social Difference and Rural Life Experience
Ø  Rural Population, Migration and Social Structure
Ø  Rural Economic Development
Ø  Rural Settlement Patterns and Communities
Ø  Rural Food Geographies
Ø  Rural Recreation and Tourism
Ø  Rural Environment
Ø  Rural Drinking Water
Ø  Other aspects of Rural Development
Kindly make a submission based on recent research by those who are in various stages in their academic career and research. Forward your paper title and abstract (max 200 words) and author/s information directly to Dhanashree. Shinde at by March 15, 2019. Please check the conference website for other details.
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