Emerging Rural Research: by Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation

Project: Prairie Drainage Governance: Diagnosing policy and governance effectiveness for agricultural water management
By: Sarah Minnes (Rural Governance Network Student Support)

Sarah Minnes is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Saskatchewan, in the School of Environment and Sustainability. She is published widely on rural topics related to sustainable watersheds and drinking water systems, Canadian regional development, and overall rural resilience. She is a registered professional planner and is a proud board member of the Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation.
One of her current research projects is diagnosing policy and governance effectiveness for agricultural water management during times of change.
This project explores the human dimension of agricultural water management, how it is managed and governed, and the conflicts that arise. The goal of the research is to understand how to better foster collaboration (over conflict), support sustainable livelihoods for producers, while addressing environmental concerns. Please see the project website for more information: https://gwf.usask.ca/drainage/index.php.
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