Research and Exchange Grant Output: Sarah Minnes

Project Topic: 

Case Studies on Municipal Re-inspection Programs for Residential On-site Wastewater Systems in Ontario

Mobility period: February 2018 – February 2019

This research project explores successes, challenges, and lessons learned with municipal reinspection programs for residential on-site wastewater systems (i.e. sewage system maintenance inspection programs) in Ontario. This research has been initiated by the Federation of Ontario Cottagers’ Associations, due to concerns brought forward by their membership of over 50,000 property owners regarding the state of their rural communities’ onsite wastewater systems. There is a need to share the knowledge about how septic maintenance programs and inspections are being done, why they’re done, whether the programs are seen to be effective (and the metrics used to evaluate efficacy), and how much these types of programs cost. To date, these programs have been delivered in an uneven manner across rural Ontario – leaving citizen groups, taxpayers, and municipal councils requiring more information.Visit: for more information.

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