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2020.01.13 Exploring Lived Experiences of LGBTQ People Utilizing Healthcare Services in Rural Manitoba, Nadine Henriquez, Video, PowerPoint

2019.12.17 Regional Solutions for Rural and Urban Challenges, Brian Dabson, Video, PowerPoint
2019.11.25 Polanyian Protective Countermovements: The Case of Organic Producers in Canada, Marc-Antoine Larrivée, Video, PowerPoint
2019.11.19 Bridging Place and Policy in Divisive Times, Ashleigh Weeden, Video, PowerPoint
2019.11.18 Getting a Fair Share: Designing Fiscal Regimes for Impact Benefit Agreements, Cameron Gunton, Joshua Batson, Dr. Tom Gunton, Sean Markey & Dan Dal, Video, PowerPoint
2019.10.21 Nurturing Ethics in Governance: Taming Our Rascals Within, Dr. Peter Apedaile, Video, PowerPoint
2019.06.19 The Theory, Practice and Potential of Regional Development: Key Learnings & Policy Recommendations, David J.A. Douglas, Ryan Gibson, Sean Markey, Sarah Minnes, Bill Reimer and Kelly Vodden, Video, PowerPoint
2019.05.08 Polycentric Governance in Climate Change Policies, Lissel Hernandez-Gongora, Video, PowerPoint
2019.04.10 Governance in Rural Contexts: Concepts & Challenges, Dr. Brendan O’Keeffe, David J.A. Douglas & Dr. Francisco Navarro, Video, PowerPoint
2019.03.19 What’s the Evidence on Evidence-Based Policy? Reflections on Knowledge Mobilization in Provincial Rural Policy, Ashleigh Weeden, VideoPowerPoint
2019.02.28 A Collaborative Approach to Recruitment and Retention of Registered Nurses in Rural Manitoba, Canada: Outcomes and Policy Implications, Catherine Baxter and Lori Fontaine, Video, PowerPoint
2019.02.21 Service Provision and Rural Sustainability: Infrastructure and Innovation, Sean Connelly, Greg Halseth, Neil Hanlon, Sean Markey and Laura Ryser, Video, PowerPoint
2019.01.22 Good Governance in Practice: Examples from the Co-operative Sector
Kyle White, Video, PowerPoint

2018.11.21 Mapping Historic Sites In Rural Manitoba: Development, Themes, And Applications, Dr. Gordon Goldsborough, Video, PowerPoint
2018.11.08 2018 CRRF Plenary Session – Community Navigators, John McArthur, Video
2018.11.08 2018 CRRF Plenary Panel – Rural Mental Health, Karen Dyck, Megz Reynolds, & Lois Berry, Video
2018.11.08 2018 CRRF Rural Labour Force Development, Audra Krueger, Mikael Hellstrom, Laurie Brinklow, & Rick Williams, Video
2018.11.08 2018 CRRF Is Rural Youth Outmigration a Problem? Karen Foster, Hannah Main, & Ray D. Bollman, Video
2018.11.08 2018 CRRF Rural Health, Mikael Hellstrom, Catherine Cosgrave, Bonita Beatty, & Reyhaneh Golestani, Video
2018.11.08 2018 CRRF Tools for Rural Community Development, Danielle Robinson, Heidi Watson, Carol Bergum, & Kristin Catherwood, Video
2018.11.08 2018 CRRF Rural Resilience, Stephen Penner, Diane Looker, Stephanie Gariscsak, & Tracey Harvey, Video
2018.11.08 2018 CRRF Lunch Keynotes: Farming and the Rural Economy: The Past, Present, and Future, Darrin Qualman, Video
2018.11.08 2018 CRRF Putting Rural on the Agenda: The Prominence and Priority of Rural Issues and Opportunities in Policy Making, Sarah Minnes, Matteo Vittuari, Patrick Leveque, Ryan Gibson, Jane Atterton, & Kristof Van Assche, Video
2018.11.08 2018 CRRF Panel – Canada in a Changing Climate: Rural and Remote Communities, Sean Manners, Kelly Vodden, & Amp Kipp, Video
2018.11.08 2018 CRRF Panel – Community Driven Research, Jen Budney, Emmy Neuls, Dr. Vivian Ramsden, Dr. Bonita Beatty, & Dr. Robert Patrick, Video 
2018.11.08 2018 CRRF Plenary Panel – Water Governance: A Prairie Perspective, Phil Loring, Helen Baulch, Lalita Bharadwa, Holly Annand, Sarah Breen, & Warrick Baijius, Video
2018.11.08 2018 CRRF Reconciliation and Rural Development, Neil Sasakamoose, Ray Orb, Chad Nilson, Charlotte Ross, & Heather Exner-Pirot, Video
2018.09.27 Transitioning to the New Rural Cannabis Economy, Tracey Harvey, Video, PowerPoint 
2018.10.04 Understanding Food Sovereignty and Policy Through a Community Lens: Food Systems in Rural and Indigenous Canada, Danielle Robinson & Stephen Penner, Video, PowerPoint 
2018.09.12 – Putting Rural on the Agenda: The Prominence and Priority of Rural Issues and Opportunities in Policy Making, Dr. Douglas Jackson-Smith, Norman Ragetlie and Sally Shortall, Video, PowerPoint
2018.08.29 –  Bringing the University to Rural Ontario: Brokering Campus & Community Engagement in Haliburton, Stephen Hill, Emily Amon & Jim Blake, Video, Powerpoint
2018.05.29 – Research Principles for Working with First Nations, Jonathan Swanson, Video, Powerpoint
2018.04.24 – Global Perspectives on Programmatic Solutions to Bridging the Digital Divide, Madison Pearson, April Heinrich, Video, Powerpoint
2018.04.11 – Lessons on Farmland Preservation near Growing Urban Regions from Oregon, Laura Schreiner, Video, Powerpoint
2018.03.22 – Rural Water Infrastructure, Sarah Breen, Paul Kraehling and Gerry Lahey, Video, Powerpoint
2018.03.21 – Forestry Skills: Thinking Beyond Current Paradigms, Philomena de Lima, Sarah Pohlschneider and Sarah-Patricia Breen, Video, Powerpoint
2018.03.14 – Eco-Assets for Rural Municipalities, Emanuel Machado and Michelle Moinar, Video, Powerpoint
2018.02.27 – Building Capacity for Rural Adaptation, Lauren Rethoret, Ingrid Liepa, Video, Powerpoint
2018.02.22 – Implications of Neglecting Transportation Policy in Remote Areas, Mesha Richard, Stephanie Hoffman, Meas Danok, Video, Powerpoint
2018.02.08 – Sustainable Rural Communities in an Era of Population Change, Mark Skinner, Video, Powerpoint
2018.01.29 – Hidden Participants and Unheard Voices: Gender, Age, and other Influences on Traditional Ecological Knowledge Research in the North
, Maaya Hitomi, Philip Loring. Video, Powerpoint
2018.01.25 – First Nations-Municipal Economic Development Initiative Helen Patterson and Marissa Lawrence, Video, Powerpoint
2018.01.18 – Social Enterprise: Building Opportunities, Darcy Penner, Dayna Lutes, and Kyle White. Video, Powerpoint

2017.12.06 – Manitoba Look North Series: Investment Ready, Ruth Mealy, Richard Pauls. Video, Powerpoint
2017.11.29 – Doing Community-Based Research: It’s a People Process ,  Greg Halseth, Laura Ryser.  VideoPowerpoint
2017.11.15 – Creating Sustainable Funding for Ecosytems and Watersheds,  Juliet Craig and Dr. Tara Lynne Clapp.  Video, Powerpoint
2017.11.02 – From Black Horses to White Steeds: Building Community Resilience, Dr. Laurie Brinklow and Dr. Ryan Gibson. Video, Powerpoint
2017.09.22 – 2017 CRRF- Présentation de la Conférence FCRR 2017: Christopher Horsetief. Video
2017.09.22 – 2017 CRRF- Keynote Speaker: Christopher Horsethief. Video
2017.09.22 – 2017 CRRF- Exploring Rural Precarious Employment: The Case of Ontario, Valencia Gaspard, Ray Bollman. Video
2017.09.22 – 2017 CRRF- Dependency at a Distance: Implications of Workforce Mobility for Community Resilience- PART 2, Kelly Vodden, Heather Hall, Leanna Butters, Doug Lionais. Video
2017.09.22 – 2017 CRRF- Dependency at a Distance: Implications of Workforce Mobility for Community Resilience- PART 1, Heather Hall, Kelly Vodden, Sean Markey, Sarah Dorow. Video
2017.09.21 – 2017 CRRF- Why Community-Based Poverty Reduction Makes Good Sense, Nadine Raynolds, Jan Morton, Anna Purcell, Kerri Wall, Jill Zacharias. Video
2017.09.21 – 2017 CRRF- Working Together to Build a Regional Innovation Ecosystem in Non-Metropolitan Areas: BC Insights, Terri MacDonald, Rhys Andrews, Erin Handy, Jennifer Tedman-Jones, Amber Hayes, John Freshie. Video
2017.09.21 – 2017 CRRF- Rural Workforce Development, Adena Brons. Video
2017.09.21 – 2017 CRRF- Présentation de la Conférence FCRR 2017: Bryan Fry, Bryan Fry. Video
2017.09.21 – 2017 CRRF- Keynote Speaker: Bryan Fry. Video
2017.09.21 – 2017 CRRF- Opening Keynote Panel: Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Economic Development, Heather Hall, Tjaart Van Den Berg, Terry Van Horn. Video
2017.09.18 – Manitoba Look North Webinar Series – Boom and Bust, Chuck Davidson and Kristof Van Assche. Video, PowerPoint
2017.09.12 – Examining Food Processing in Manitoba, Dr Gillian Richard. Video, PowerPoint
2017.09.06 – British Columbia’s Approach to Regional Government, Kelly Vodden, Robert Bish, Brain Walisser and Craig Pollett. Video, Presentation
2017.08.29 – Rural Competitiveness in Canada, Ray Bollman, Ruth Mealy, Sara Breen & Scott McCullough. Video
2017.08.08 – National Rural Development: The Role of the National Rural Network, Dr. Maura Farrell. Video
2017.06.14 – Quebec’s Approach to Regional Government: An Overview and Critical Reflections, Jean Dionne, Dr. Bruno Jean, Craig Pollett, Dr. Bill Reimer and Dr. Kelly Vodden. Video, PowerPoint
2017.05.17 – Youth Unemployment in Rural and Urban Canada, Dianne Looker, Ray Bollman. Video,
2017.05.24 – Entrepreneur and Investor Immigration in Canada, Kareem El-Assal. Video, PowerPoint
2017.04.26 – Integral Strategy in Community Engagement in Rural Alberta, Richard Pauls, David Forrest. Video,
2017.03.15 – Rural Knowledge Mobilization and Social Media, Bojan Furst, Shawna Reibling, Krista Jensen, Alisa Fullwood, Ryan Gibson, Michael Blatherwick. Video.
2017.02.22 – Consequences of  Rural Out-migration on Structural Changes in Agriculture  in Serbia , Natalija Bogdanov. Video, PowerPoint
2017.02.15 – Rural Scotland in Focus 2016: Informing rural policy in Scotland, Jane Atterton, Sarah Skerratt. Video, PowerPoint
2017.02.07 – Oil’s Rural Reach: Social and Environmental Impacts in Saskatchewan’s Oil Producing Areas, Emily Eaton. Video, PowerPoint
2017.01.24 – Achieving What’s Possible for the Agri-Food Sector: through the lens of strategically managing “Natural Capital”, David McInnes.  Video, PowerPoint

2016.12.14 – Food Waste in the EU: from Evidence to Policy Interventions, Matteo Vittuari, Paolo Azzurro.  Video, PowerPoint
2016.11.22 – The Hutterites in North America: Confronting the Digital Age, John Lehr. Video, PowerPoint
2016.10.06 – Diversity in Rural/Regional Australian Communities: Everyday Multiculturalism and Resilience in Bridging Difference, David Radford. Video, PowerPoint
2016.09.20 – The State of Rural Canada: Panel Discussion, Sean Markey, Simon Fraser University; Ryan Gibson, University of Guelph; Heather Hall, University of Saskatchewan; Al Lauzon, University of Guelph; Robert Greenwood, Memorial University; Chris Southcott, Lakehead University; William (Bill) Ashton, Rural Development Institute Brandon University., Video, PowerPoint
2016.08.04 – The Surprising Lives of Small Town Doctors: practicing medicine in rural Canada, Dr. Paul Dhillon. Video
2016.06.21 – Planning for Climate Change: an oxymoron?, Mike Sullivan & Gary Willson (PowerPoint), Henry David (Hank) Venema. (PowerPoint), Video
2016.06.15 – Geographies of Immobility: emotions and human rights of Latin-American seasonal agricultural workers in Quebec and their families., Linamar Campos Flores (PowerPoint), Video
2016.04.21 – Rural Youth Workforce Development: Policy and Practice, Ray Bollman (PowerPoint), Dianne Looker (PowerPoint), Sarah Breen (PowerPoint). Video
2016.04.06 – Advancing the Basin-Boundry Regional Food System, Lauren Rethoret (PowerPoint), Rachel Roussin (PowerPoint), Brent Mansfield (PowerPoint). Video
2016.03.30 – Centralized and Decentralized Police Systems: examining citizen trust, Grichawat Lowatcharin (PowerPoint), Judith Stallman. Video
2016.03.23 – Rural Labour Mobility: cohesion and social inclusion policy in Europe, Philomena de Lima (PowerPoint). Video
2016.03.10 – Farm Succession and Inheritance: an Irish perspective on policy and support programs, Tomas Russell (PowerPoint). Video
2016.02.04 – Remote Control: Lessons in Governance as a Resource for Rural and Remote Regions, Rob Greenwood (PowerPoint., Video
2016.01.27 – Canada’s Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program: Motivations of Mexican Workers, Lidia Carvajal (PowerPoint), Judith Stallman. Video

2015.10 – Improving dementia care in rural and small town settings: A view from Ontario, Rachel Herron. (PowerPoint)
2015.09 – Growing the Food Industry in Canada: Successful SMEsVideo, Jim Smith (PowerPoint), Tim Hore (PowerPoint)
2015.05 – Food Waste Policies and Practices: North America and the EU –  Video, Adbdel Felfel (PowerPoint), Dr. Matteo Vittuari. (PowerPoint)
2015.05 – Power Relations between Mayors and Councillors, Dr. Meir Serfaty- PowerPoint, Video
Quebec Rural Pollicy – follow up to Bill Reimer and Bruno Jean’s webinar on Quebec rural policy can be found here. Check it out!
2015.02 – Quebec’s Approach to Regional Development: An historical perspective, Bill Reimer, Bruno Jean. PowerPoint and Video
2015.02 – Dirt Roads and Highways: Reforming Municipal Governance and Government in Alberta, Lars Hallstrom, Naomi Finseth, PowerPointVideo

2014.12 – Manitoba’s Amalgamated Rural Region: A Step Forward?, Dr. Bill Ashton, PowerPointVideo
2014.12 – Manitoba’s Economic Structure and Trends: An Update, Ray Bollman, PowerPoint, Video
2014.11 – Mitigation of Agriculture Greenhouse Gases in the Livestock Industry: An International Perspective, James Breen (PowerPoint), Dr. Tim McAllister (PowerPoint), Video
2014.11 – Manitoba’s Rural Demography Structure and Trends: An update, Ray Bollman, PowerPoint, Video
2014.05 – Community Change: 6 Simple Rules in Evaluating Collective Impact. Mark Cabaj, PowerPointVideo
2014.04 – Innovative Social Enterprises in Rural Manitoba. Megan McKenzie and Robert Guilford (PowerPoint), Video
2014.03 – Recreation’s Role In community Resiliency. Jacquelyn Oncescu. PowerPoint, Video

2013.11 – Seven Strategies for Sustainable Community Futures, Bill Reimer. PowerPoint, Video.
2013.11 – Public Policy Implementation and its Implications, Lars Hallstrom, Charles Conteh. Video
2013.11 – Public Policy and Implementation in Canada – Rethinking the Implementation Gap, Lars Hallstrom. PowerPoint
2013.11 – Implementing Canada’s Rural Development Policy in a Knowledge – Based Economy, Charles Conteh. PowerPoint
2013.04 – Sustainable Rural Community Development: A comparative Study of Canada and Australia. John Martin. PowerPoint, Video.