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CO-LEAD – Francesca Regoli,
CO-LEAD – Fabio De Menna,

The new and LAST call for Research and Exchange Mobility Grant is open . Deadline for project submission:  7th of January 2020

Projects should be carried out by students/junior researchers from RPLC partner institutions with the involvement of RPLC faculty members..

Proposed research projects should be related to topics addressed by RPLC Policy Networks and should aim to develop an interdisciplinary and comparative approach. Thus, the inclusion of a mobility period within the proposal is mandatory. Clear outputs should be identified and developed in line with RPLC purposes. Collaboration with other partners (both from within and outside the RLPC network) is also mandatory. In addition, the involvement of policy makers is strongly suggested.

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 Research and Exchange Outputs

Here you can read and watch the outputs produced by students who received a RPLC Research and Exchange Mobily grant.

Hannah Budge

Project topic: Examining Women in Agriculture in the Scottish and Maritime Canadian Islands

Research period: August 2020 – June 2021 (delay in activities due to Covid-19)

Research Summary


Video on Hannah’s experience

Cameron Gunton

Project topic: Resolving conflicts in resource development: The role of impact benefit agreements

Research period: May 2019 – June 2021 (delay in activities due to Covid-19)

Research Summary


Ashleigh Weeden

Project Topic: Between Idea and Experience: Reflections on Place-Based Research in Rural Scotland

Research period: October 2019- February 2020

Tracey Harvey

Project Topic:

Lessons from recreational cannabis legalization: What can rural B.C. learn from the state of Oregon?

Research period: September 2018 till September 2019

Danielle Robinson

Project Topic:

The relationships between food sovereignty, cultural sustainability and rural tourism

Mobility period: Fall 2018 – Summer 2019

Sarah Minnes

Project Topic: 

Case Studies on Municipal Re-inspection Programs for Residential On-site Wastewater Systems in Ontario

Mobility period: February 2018 – February 2019

Research Summary

Project Presentations and Media Attention

For more information about this project, see the project webpage:

Francesco Cirone

Project Topic: Analysis of the Efficiencies of Food Management System Using a GIS Network Analysis Approach. 

Mobility period: July – November 2018.

Edoardo Desiderio

Project Topic: Bioenergy from woody biomasses, a comparison between Missouri and Emilia Romagna .

Mobility period: March – July 2018


Elisa Corvatta

Project Topic:Does Hazelnut Shells Matter? Potential Valorization Routes Of Hazelnut Byproducts In Emilia Romagna (Italy) And Oregon (Usa).

Mobility period: April – July 2018-Engaging summary

-Research topic and thesis

Video about the mobility period

Interview with a company owner

Interview with a hazelnut farmer

Vonique Romayne Mason-Edwards

Project Topic: Exploring the Role of Social Sanctuary in Arctic Community Development: A Case Study of Nunavut and Greenland –

Mobility period: February – June 18

Margherita Del Prete:

Why food waste matters? A comparative analysis of university students’ behavior in Emilia-Romagna and Oregon – Mobility period: Sept. 2017 – February 2018

Luca Annesi:

Project Topic: Renewable energy  development  in  rural  areas:  barriers  and  opportunities  for  policy  interventions  in  Canada and Italy.

Mobility period: Sept. – Dec. 2017

Sarah Breen and Terry MacDonald:

The Future of Forestry in the UK  and the British Columbia Interior – Mobility period: March – Dec. 2017

Sarah Polishneider:

Understanding influencing factors on career choice making in forestry in relation to participants’ conceptualisation of forestry – Mobility period: May –August 2017